1. Purpose

1.1 These General Conditions, updated in January 2020, are intended, with the order form, and the other elements referred to therein, to regulate the terms and conditions governing the provision of Picowines, Ilha do Pico Coop., Online Service, headquartered at Avenida Padre Nunes da Rosa 29, 9950-302 Madalena, under the unique registration and identification number of legal person n.º 512 010 617.

1.2 The purchase of any product at the Picowines, Ilha do Pico Coop., Online Store, implies acceptance of these General Online Sales Conditions.

1.3 Any and all alcoholic beverages available for sale at the Picowines, Ilha do Pico Coop. Online Store, can only be purchased by people of legal age, in their country of residence.


2. Product, Price and Content Information

2.1 Picowines, Ilha do Pico Coop., reserves the right to modify, without prior notice and at any time, the information and commercial offer presented on products, prices, promotions, commercial conditions, and services.

2.2 The bottles are transported in boxes for transporting glass and alcoholic beverages;

2.3 The Cooperative does not accept the return of wine bottles that are not proven to be damaged;


3. Order and Payment

3.1 The Cooperative will send the order within 48 hours after payment confirmation;

3.2 The customer has 24 hours after the confirmation of his order to effect the cancellation;

3.3 You will receive an email when the order is delivered;

3.4 If you are able to visit our Cooperative store, you can choose, in your online order, to pick it up directly at our counter.

3.5 Consequently, the amount of transport will not be charged and payment may be made upon delivery of the order.

3.6 Payment methods available locally are cash, ATM or VISA.

3.7 Orders to be collected at our store will be kept for five working days;

3.8 After this period has elapsed, and if the customer does not pick up the order, it is considered canceled, with no right to refund;


4. Shipping Costs

4.1 The prices shown on the products are increased by the respective postage value, with each order. Shipping costs are 10 € for national orders, 20 € for orders within Europe and 30 € for the rest of the world.


5. Appliable Law

5.1. Picowines, Ilha do Pico Coop recognizes to all its clients the right to resolve the contracts celebrated allowing them the refund in 14 (fourteen) days of the product bought under the terms of the law decree 143/2001 and 82/2008 from 20/05.

5.2. To exchange or return, we ask the client to contact the Cooperative via the e-mail provided (geral@picowines.com) stating the number of the order or of the document that accompanied it, bearing in mind the conditions stated bellow:

  1. To return the order the product must me in perfect conditions and if it applies in its original packaging, accessories or promotional offering included and accompanied by the proof of purchase or receipt.
  2. We will admit the return of products with noticeable defects or wrongfully mailed, being the responsibility of any expenditures with shipping costs and collection costs of the Cooperative if the circumstances happen or are reported in a period of 14 (fourteen) days since the reception of the product.
  3. Once we receive the merchandise in our facilities and its state is validated as in conformity, we will start the procedure to return the full value of the purchase in accordance with the payment method selected by the client or one agreed previously with him.

5.3. Picowines, Ilha do Pico Coop takes responsibility that might come from origin defects or raw material of the product purchased and if it is confirmed by our specialized technical team, we will exchange or return the product without costs for the client.

5.4. Picowines, Ilha do Pico Coop will not accept the return of a product after it is used, or it being altered or modified.

5.5. Picowines, Ilha do Pico Coop will not be responsible for the deficiencies that might occur from the wrongful use, neglection, bad storage conditions or causes of major force.

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