The Island


38.4580° N, 28.3228° W

"Protected Landscape of Vineyard Culture by recognition and classification by UNESCO "

"Pico is responsible for the production of 82% of Azorean wine "

"Azores belong to Europe's most breathtaking sights by European Bets Destinations "

"Azores elected one of the 10 best sustainable destinations of the world and the best destination of the Atlantic"

The island
of the World

All the culture and legacy around the vineyard and wine is recognized worldwide in 2004: the Protected Landscape of Regional Interest of Vineyard Culture, by recognition and classification by UNESCO, has been elevated to World Heritage status.

Pico Vinery
Pico Vinery

President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, proclaimed himself "ambassador" from Pico wine

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa

A Past
with the Future
from Pico wine

An island rich in history and tradition, from brave whalers to men who made wine from stone.

The wineries where the "picaroto" treated the wine are now converted into rural lodgings, and the whale is again a source of income as a well-known Whale Watching destination..

An island made up of breathtaking landscapes, paradise sunsets, trails, and unforgettable nooks. It is joined by a unique cuisine, certified by nature, a round of "chamarrita" and realizes why the visitor always returns.



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